There are many viewpoints expressed around your right to defend your home in the modern world. Sensational reports in the media, often, highlight instances where home owners have been prosecuted by authorities when defending their homes from transgressors. In Australia, legal rulings on those who invade our homes and are assaulted in the process rely on the concept of self-defence. There have been several cases where an intruder has been awarded damages after breaking into someone else’s property and being injured by the owner. Your right to defend your home is a complex one and does not always come down on the side of the home owner.

Use of Excessive Force Illegal

If you use what is deemed excessive force, whilst defending your property, you may well be charged as a result of that excessive force. Those who kill intruders may well be charged with manslaughter. Talkback radio is always alight with these instances and, invariably, comes down on the side of the home owner defending his property. The fact of the matter is that you cannot use deadly force when deterring criminals on your property. Every state judiciary may rule slightly differently depending upon the factors involved in the case. In WA, an elderly man shot an intruder but was not charged because he and his bedridden wife were ruled to be particularly vulnerable in the circumstances.

Secure Your Home & Property

Securing your home and property in the first place is, perhaps, a better deterrent. Check out these fine examples online of top-quality residential security measures that can be taken. Always ensure that your home is adequately secured against intruders with locks, fences, gates and lights. In practical terms it is safer to deter criminals rather than do battle with them on your property. Your right to defend your home can be a tricky business when it comes down to courts and the police.

Lock Up Your Property

The police do not appreciate when civilians take matters into their own hands. They will not be clapping you on the back for taking down a baddie, rather, they will be clapping you in irons. Unlike the Americans, we here in Australia do not support gun ownership and militia style behaviour in the suburbs. Lock up your home and property, get CCTV coverage, security alarms, and security lighting, but leave the excessive force under the bed.