Human beings have a pretty awful track record when it comes to the care and maintenance of animals. Since ancient times, we have used and abused animals flagrantly. Early Christians claimed that their God had put all creatures on this earth for the benefit of mankind, I use the male specific gender term here because early Christians did not rate woman much higher than the animals. Globally, animals do not have any clearly recognised rights, except for a UN resolution on wildlife trafficking, calling on countries to make it illegal. In Australia, he rights of animals in Australia are regulated by the states and territories. The rights of animals in the 21C are on the agenda, like never before.

Cruelty To Animals

There are prevention of cruelty to animals acts in NSW, SA, Victoria, ACT, Tasmania, Queensland and WA. Each year over half a billion animals are slaughtered in Australia, mainly chickens, cattle, sheep, pigs and their young. Less than 10% of the nation’s population declare themselves as vegetarian. More disturbingly, some 7 million animals are used in scientific research, these include: dogs, cats, native mammals, primates, mice, rats, sheep, chickens, aquatic creatures and reptiles. Much of this research is for commercial interests and involves testing for the cosmetics industry. The rights of animals continue to be abused in the 21C.

Cruelty Free Beauty Products

There are beauty product brands available, which do not use animal testing. Visit here for further insight into OFRA cruelty free cosmetics in Australia. Conscious consumers are choosing to purchase products which are vegan and cruelty free. This way they can still use the beauty products they like, but without the guilt and bad feelings that come with making animals suffer. Only lazy and unfeeling companies are persevering with animal testing in the 21C

Those Championing Animal Rights Around the World

Animal rights are being raised at academic and international levels by those who are championing them on their behalf. More people are taking the time to consider the abuse that animals undergo every day. The 21C may well be the era where we turn back the tide on this issue. We have seen it with whaling and why should it be confined to the largest mammals on the planet. The rights of animals are constantly being raised around horse racing in all its forms and greyhound racing too. The recreational pastimes of human beings should not transgress upon the rights of animals.