We have very recently welcomed our gay brethren into the marriage club here in Australia. For centuries, they were unable to formalise their union with the person that they most loved if they shared the same gender. It was discrimination at its most revolting and unfair. Many Christians voted against the idea of letting gay people get married during the plebiscite held for this purpose. There conception of the teachings of Jesus Christ have become derailed somewhere along the way and I doubt that Christ would recognise their behaviour as following in his footsteps. The deeper question is, however, is marriage relevant in today’s age?

Marriage is a Contract Between Two Partners

Marriage, practically speaking, is all about property ownership. It is a contract between partners, which traditionally was a man and a woman. I mention this because women were traditionally the property of their husbands. In the 21C, the marriage contract has morphed into something else, as it flexed to adjust to the changing mores of an evolving society. We have to ask ourselves what purpose does marriage serve in our modern era? Many wives do not take their husband’s last name anymore. Most women would not consider themselves the goods or chattels of their husbands.

Marriage Remains Relevant in the Ritualistic Sense in the 21C

On a ritualistic level the marriage ceremony remains a high-water mark in the lives of its proponents. Young brides still dress up in elaborate gowns and partake in expensive public ceremonies surrounded by family and friends. Wedding receptions are celebrated in fine style right around the country and the world. Click here for an example of fine wedding catering available in Sydney. The bells ring out in churches and chapels across the land. “You may kiss the bride”, is intoned far and wide. Marriage remains relevant in the ritualistic sense in the 21C.

Weddings Celebrated by Every Culture on Earth

Every culture on the earth shares marriage ceremonies and lore. Christians, Buddhists, Muslims, Sikhs, Jains, and atheists, all handfast and celebrate their weddings. Two by two the animals entered the ark. Go forth and procreate. Human beings come together to make more human beings. Marriages symbolise the ending of individual lives and mark the beginning of a union and, then, a family life. This is why the betrayal of a marriage affects so many people and is devastating to the lives of a family.