General Compensation

Compensation, obviously, refers to a payment for work done or some other service rendered. General compensation in legal terms refers to payments made to victims of some injustice by those organisations or individuals found to be responsible for that injustice. We have compensation lawyers to fight on your behalf to seek compensation where it is rightfully owed. It may be worker’s compensation for an accident which was no fault of your own. Alternatively, it might be a case of injury via a motor accident where you were involved but not found to be at fault. Another scenario may involve injury in a public place through no fault of your own. Victims of assault can, also, claim compensation in some instances.

Compensation Claims Assist those in Need

You may be able to claim medical expenses, loss of income, and/or support for your lifestyle if rendered seriously disabled. Work injury compensation claims are increasingly common in Australia in the 21C. There are, also, cases of medical negligence, if you have suffered at the hands of a healthcare professional. These compensation claims can help individuals and families cope with the terrible adversities that serious injury can cause. A good compensation lawyer can make a world of difference to those victims of accidents and injury at no fault of their own.

Different Compensation Claim Systems in Each State of Australia

If other parties are responsible for damage or hardship, then, compensation claims are the way forward for justice and support for those victims of these circumstances. Australia is made up of six states and two territories, and each of these have their own legal frameworks and judicial systems. In South Australia, since 1969, the government has compensated injured victims of crime, when the offender cannot pay or be found. Their Victims of Crime Act 2001 capped payments for grief at $20 000, funeral expenses are capped at $14 000, and their maximum amount of general compensation is $100 000.

Latham Pays Out $100K to ABC Journalist in Legal Costs & Damages

Mark Latham, One Nation’s newest recruit has been forced to pay out more than $100 000 in legal costs and damages after settling proceedings brought by ABC journalist Osman Faruqi. No wonder the former Labor leader has turned to the far-right side of politics in this country. Latham had accused Faruqi of “aiding and abetting Islamic terrorism” and fostering “anti-white racism in Australia”. Pauline’s warm embrace must be making everything alright for the explosive politician.